SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, in other words, it’s how you get to the top of google.


Corter sites are guaranteed to stay live 99.99% of the time with unlimited bandwidth. Regardless of how much traffic your website gets, it will always run smooth as silk.


Analytics give our expert technicians a look under the hood of your website performance once it’s gone live. Think of it as a diagnostic report, like you’d get from a racecar after it’s ran a few laps on the track. Using analytic reports along with our experts real world experience and up-to-the-minute expertise navigating the search engine algorithms, we will optimize your site to perform at its full potential

Web Development

The best websites are built using the best tools.The sites our expert developers build load almost instantly, run smoothly and are innately engaging. This is achieved using tools such as AMP (a design pattern built by Google to makes web pages load instantly) as well as .NET and the MVC Architectural Pattern (which are built by Microsoft to design beautifully robust and expandable websites.)

Web Apps

Corter is here for more than just websites! If you can dream it we can build it. (Set up a consultation to discuss options and costs.)

The majority of modern apps are created using pre-made “pieces” designed to work together to achieve your objective...hopefully. Instead, at Corter, we prefer to build our apps from the ground up to look and act exactly the way you imagined. At Corter we create one of a kind applications that work as good as they look.


Your Identity

We aim to help create the very image your website deserves, designing logos, backdrops and anything else needed to make it look as professional and inviting as possible


Nowadays, a company’s first impression is largely based on the aesthetics of its website. We build all of our websites with this in mind. We shape the way people interact with our websites to increase interaction rates and boost user retention.

Design Process

By now you should know that we believe amazing websites are built using good communication, amazing tools and world-class talent.

So, in order to deliver the site of your dreams, we need to see the world through your eyes, and walk in your shoes. Before the first key is tapped or mouse clicked, we’ll spend time with you one-on-one (in person or via video conferencing technology) so we understand in vivid details the goals and objectives you wish to achieve and they ways in which you envision that happening. Colors. Textures and effects will be discussed. Even things like the mood, character and voice of your site will be dissected and analyzed.

Once we feel we share a clear vision with you, we’ll build something called a “wire-frame” of your new site. Think of this as the blueprints of a home; at this stage you should be able to start seeing and feeling the flow and direction of your new site. From there we can adjust as necessary and move onward and upward together.

Responsive Design

Like most people, you likely consume the internet on a variety of devices; tablets, phones and laptops/desktops being the most common among them. Each has its own demands and requirements and will present your website in a differently if unprepared. To appear consistent across all these devices we implement responsive design in every aspect of our website building process. This practice ensures users will have the best experience from the smallest phone to the largest monitor.