About Us

Corter Designs has reinvented the traditional web design company, by creating websites built from the ground up by a collective of the best programmers, artists, content writers and marketing experts available in the country.

We create totally unique, personalized websites capable of meeting the needs of virtually any industry or business. We pride ourselves on bringing modern, cutting edge technology and industry leading design to our websites and let the end product speak for itself.

Our Story

Take a quick look at the modern internet. Sure, everyone has a website, but more often than not websites in general are disorganized, outdated, uninspired and generally speaking, unremarkable. But we know there is a better way. A right way, to build websites. That is why Corter Designs was born.

We’ve developed a team where the artistic talent and technical talent are in close communication with one another and always on the same page. Resulting in well crafted websites that are as stunning under the hood as they are on screen.

Our Goal

Look around you, the world is a beautiful place. Too often designers and programmers become disconnected from the real world. We haven't. Our designs aim to bring a bit of this natural beauty into each and every site we design.

Top Talent + Clear communication + unrestrained passion = breathtaking websites (by Corter Designs)

Perks and Extras

Work closely with your team

For each project we give you access to a team of writers, designers, and developers; hand picked to benefit your website using their individual strengths.

Join us as leaders in the industry

Our R&D department is always working on new, innovative ways to improve the way websites are built, both aesthetically and functionally.